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Chicken Feed, Feeders & Drinkers,​Automatic Door Openers


    Feeders and drinkers

  • We supply TUSK ETON feeders   and drinkers, ideal for small-scale chicken keeping. Constructed of durable plastic, they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are easy to clean. ​
  • ​Can be placed on the ground or hung from above at a height to suit your hens.

3L  Eton Drinker:  £10.00

6L  Eton Drinker:  £15.00

  •  We supply CHICKENGUARD​  automatic door keepers which are straightforward to fit and to use. They have a fully featured LCD display for ease of use and are powered by 4 x AA batteries (included) or electric powered via USB (cables not included).
  • ​Max door weight 2kg  

ChickenGuard © Pro   £119.00

  •  Opens & closes  using a timer and/or light sensor.
  •  Adjustable light sensor.
  • Manual override to open and close  with the push of a button.

Automatic door keepers

Automatic door keepers are small electrical devices which attach to your chicken coop above the pop-hole. Connected by a string or wire, the door keeper can be set to automatically open and close the pophole at the times you want. Often set for  dawn and dusk, the hens soon learn to go in before the door closes.

Automatic doorkeepers offer two main benefits: convenience and security. No need to rush around before work letting the hens out, no constant need to remember to shut them in at night. From a security standpoint, setting your timers correctly ensures hens are safe inside the coop during the hours that foxes and other predators are out and about. Whether you are out for the evening or caught in traffic, there is no need to worry that darkness is falling and the hens have not been shut in.

Farmgate Layers Pellets - Chicken Food in Scotland



Hen & chicken feeds available at Chickenfeathers Scotland

Farmgate Layers Pellets: 20kg bag                            £12.00


Feeding your hens

For healthy hens and a good egg supply, it is important to feed your hens well  - producing an egg a day is a lot of work!

We supply Farmgate layers pellets, which provide a complete balanced diet for egg-laying hens, ensuring they get all the calcium and other nutrients they need. No additional supplements are necessary, although giving your hens access to grass will ensure a rich, orange yolk.

3kg  Eton Feeder: £10.00

6kg  Eton Feeder: £15.00