Rhoderock hybrid hen for sale at Chickenfeathers in Scotland

A modern hybrid of the traditional 'Light Sussex', these are slightly smaller than the pure bred version, with less well-defined markings. A good choice if you like the look of the traditional breed but prefer the higher egg production of a hybrid.

Point Of Lay Sussex pullets: £18 each

Our free-range chickens are reared on our small poultry farm in natural, grassy surroundings with ample space to give them the best possible start in life. We have hens for sale all year round and are happy to advise you on the right breed and number of hens for you. 

​We can supply boxes for transporting your hens, but if you have a cardboard box or a cat/dog crate then please bring one with you.

Plymouth Barred Rock chicken for sale at Chickenfeathers, Shotts

Buff Barred

Speckledy hen for sale at Chickenfeathers Shotts

The much-loved traditional brown farmyard hen, and one of the the best egg-layers of all, the Hyline is a friendly hen that is not too large - ideal if you have small children or space is limited. 

Point Of Lay Hyline pullets: £14 each

All Point Of Lay pure breed pullets £25 each.

Light Sussex

Rhode Rock

Light sussex hen for sale at Chickenfeathers

​Beautiful, well-defined yet delicate markings make the Plymouth Barred Rock a stunning addition to your flock. A substantial hen with thick feathering and a chunky appearance, the Plymouth Barrred Rock takes everything in her stride - even the snow! 

​Note: not available at present

Columbian Blacktail

 A classic brown hen with a difference, the upright black tail feathers of this compact breed  add a distinctive touch to its traditional appearance.


Point Of Lay Columbian Blacktail pullets: £18 each

White leghorn

A lovely white hen with a large bright red comb, the upright tail of the White Leghorn makes it a very pretty addition to your hen house. If you're looking for white eggs, this is the hen for you!

Point Of Lay White Leghorn pullets: £18 each

Dark feathering with bronze tips and bronze neck feathers make this stylish hen stand out from the crowd. Popular with the boys, the Rhode Rock adds a touch of class to your flock.

Point Of Lay Rhode Rock pullets: £18 each

A light creamy-brown hen with black highlights round the neck and tail feathers, the Buff Barred is a popular new addition to our range 

Point Of Lay Buff Barred pullets: £18 each

Plymouth Barred Rock


The fluffy Bluebell is one of the most varied breeds, with colours ranging from light grey to a deep lavender. Each one is unique, so whatever your preference, you're sure to find one that's just right.

Point Of Lay Bluebell pullets: £18 each

Hybrid Hens

Hybrids are hens which have been carefully selected and cross-bred to produce chickens with a friendly nature and excellent egg-laying ability.

We stock a range of Point-Of-Lay hybrid hens, all with their own particular colour markings - from the friendly Hyline to the fluffy Bluebell, there's something for everyone.

Partridge Leghorn

The colourful partridge leghorn with its rich golden marking really is reminiscent of a game bird. If you fancy a white egg layer but not a white hen, this is the one to go for.

Point Of Lay Partridge Leghorn pullets: £18 each

Hyline hybrid hen for sale at Chickenfeathers
White leghorn hen for sale in Scotland


Our Chickens 



A traditional Scottish favourite, everyone knows the Speckledy.  With grey and white markings similar to the larger pure bred Plymouth Barred Rock, the Speckledy is always a popular choice.

Point Of Lay Speckledy pullets: £18 each

Pure Breed Hens

Pure breed hens are traditional breeds much admired for their attractive appearance and distinctive markings. We stock two varieties of pure breed hens which we hatch and rear ourselves:  Plymouth Barred Rock and Light Sussex. 

​Although traditional pure breed hens will not lay as many eggs per year as modern hybrid hens, they have a longer life span and will continue to lay throughout that time. A good choice if you do not require a large egg supply but would like to keep the same hens for a number of years.​


​Simply one of the prettiest hens there is, the Light Sussex certainly has the wow factor. With her fluffy white under-feathers, her cuddly appearance makes her an instant hit with young children, who will love collecting the delicate, cream-coloured eggs.

Partridge Leghorn for sale in Scotland

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