Set in pleasant rural surroundings, our small family-friendly poultry farm offers a safe, welcoming environment, ideal for a visit with the children or grandchildren. We regularly have baby chicks we have hatched ourselves, which the kids love to see!

Located between Edinburgh and Glasgow and conveniently accessed from the M8, Junction 5, we are easy to reach from all parts of central Scotland and can be visited Monday to Sunday 9am - 6pm. We are more than happy for you to drop in, although it's best to give us a call before you visit just to make sure someone is on hand to welcome you.

Point of Lay Chickens, Chicken Coops & Chicken Feed

We can provide all you need to start keeping chickens as well as expert advice on all aspects of chicken care. We stock chicken feed, feeders and drinkers, chicken coops and a selection of point of lay chickens - hybrid and pure breed, such as Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex and Plymouth Barred Rock. Cockerels also available. 

tariq ali

"Wanted to try our hand at keeping chickens so we looked for chicken breeders and found this place. The owner is a very friendly and helpful person and a fountain of knowledge in this field. We got a tour of all the different livestock he has and my eleven year old son really enjoyed himself. We had an amazing choice of hens to pick from. They came in all colours, sizes and breeds. We managed to pick 3 hens and also bought some feed, a feeder and a water feeder that's specially designed for chickens. All in all we had a lovely day out and are now the proud owners of 3 beautiful hens."

Margaret Knight

"If you are interested in keeping hens then look no further than chicken feathers in Shotts. Their website is really informative and gives a good indication of what you can expect when you contact them or visit. I have kept hens in the past and I have to say that I wish there had been somewhere that I could have found everything I needed in one place back in the day, it would have made my life so much easier.  The farmer who owns and runs the place is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable on all aspects of animal husbandry.  I chose 4 hens  from a wide variety he keeps, they were happy healthy birds that have settled nicely in their new home. I would happily recommend chicken feathers as a one stop shop for all your chicken related requirements."


A wide range of chicken coops and hen houses for sale at Chickenfeathers

Julianne Connelly

"If you’re looking to keep hens, this is the place to go. Large variety of beautiful hens available."


​​​​​​​Welcome to Chickenfeathers - whether you are an experienced chicken keeper or thinking of keeping hens for the first time, we have everything you need to make chicken keeping an easy and enjoyable experience.

Pure bred hens for sale at Chickenfeathers

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 K D
  "We bought six beautiful pullets from Nicholas at chickenfeathers in March 2020. The girls are healthy and happy hens. We have two friends who recommended chickenfeathers for purchasing our girls and we are happy customers. Nicholas helped to ease any nerves and talked us through anything we needed to know. We will definitely be back in a couple of years to add to the flock :)" Many thanks Adeel & Kate Xx

Point of lay chickens at Chickenfeathers in Shotts, Scotland

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Customer reviews:

Chicken feed for sale at Chickenfeathers - layers pellets


Scott Robertson

" Brilliant first time experience buying chickens. My daughter didn't want perfume or a handbag for her birthday. Just chickens. We visited and met Nick who is very knowledgeable and happy to spend time making sure you are happy. He also supplied feeders, bedding and feed, all at a very reasonable price.Fully recommend Chickenfeathers to anyone wanting to buy gorgeous looking chickens from a selection of 7 or 8 breeds."​

Tel: 01501 229735



​​Chicken feed, feeders and drinkers, automatic door keepers