Chicken house

   Available in small, medium and large, this model is suitable for 2,     6 or 8 hens.

   All have an external nest box .

   Price:                     House dimensions (excluding ramp,

                                      including nest boxes)​:

   Small - £285          78 (w) x 78 (h) x 76 (d) cm

   Medium - £430      78 (w) x 78 (h) x 100 (d) cm

   Large - £525        141 (w) x 78 (h) x 100 (d) cm

​Plastic Chicken Coops


  • Interior: The small chicken house has one nest box and one removable wooden perch. Medium and large models have  two nest boxes and two  perches.
  • Door: The door is designed so that it won’t trap dirt in the door slots, and  can be easily opened and closed manually, or with a Chickenguard automatic door opener. The door is very safe for chickens and is too small for foxes to gain entry.
  • Easy Access and Cleaning: The nest box lid can be easily removed to gain access to freshly laid eggs using quick-release pins. For routine cleaning, the full width back panel detaches in the same way. The smooth plastic interior allows dirt to be effortlessly removed using a brush - for more thorough cleaning, the roof detaches, and more stubborn dirt can be removed using a hose or pressure washer. 
  • Ventilation: Our poultry products feature adjustable air vents to provide the chickens with constant air flow, preventing respiratory issues and reducing moisture content within the coop. At least one vent should be open permanently.
  • Assembly: This product is delivered flat-packed and assembly is straightforward -  comprehensive instructions are provided The house features carry handles on the roof so it can be easily moved around a garden once assembled. If you ever need to relocate your coop to a different address, it is just as easily dismantled and will not be damaged during the process.

Nest box view

 Chicken Wagon

​​ Chicken Wagon

  A wheeled coop that can be easily moved by one person, the chicken wagon is ideal if you plan to move your hens regularly  to

  fresh areas of grass. The large wheels ensure it will not easily sink into the  ground. Suitable for 7 hens, the chicken wagon has

  3 removable wooden perches and two individual nest boxes to the rear, each with a roll-away nest box insert, which helps keep 

  eggs clean.

 Price: £850         Dimensions: 102(w) x 132 (max h) x 120(d) cm (excluding ramp, including nest boxes)


Nest box view

Chicken Wagon



Tel: 01501 229735

​An alternative to the traditional wooden hen house, these modern eco-friendly coops are made in the UK using 100% recycled plastic waste. Robust and weatherproof, each poultry coop is built to last and comes with a 25-year warranty.

Three models are available -  chicken house, chicken lodge and chicken wagon. Sizes range from small 2 to 3 bird coops to the larger 8+ bird models, and all are well-suited to the backyard chicken keeper. All coops come with an adjustable ventilation feature and are very easy to clean - just remove the back panel or roof and hose down!  Price includes delivery.

 Chicken Lodge

​ Also available in small, medium and large for 2, 6 or 8 hens, the chicken

 lodge is a raised coop which provides a sheltered area underneath   offering shade on hot days and shelter when it rains.  This is also a great

 place to put the feeder to prevent feed getting wet.


   Price:                   House dimensions (excluding ramp, including nest boxes):
   Small - £340           78 (w) x 100 (h) x 76 (d) cm
   Medium - £450       78 (w) x 100 (h) x 100 (d) cm
   Large - £545         141 (w) x 100 (h) x 100 (d) cm

​ Features - as per "chicken house" above.