Highlander ark shaped hen house

The Perthshire Range

Our new economy range comes in 3 sizes:

 The Perthshire - a great starter coop for the first-time chicken keeper,suitable for up to 4 hens 90 x 63 x 90 cm high  

 Perthshire +  - twice the width of the perthshire and suitable for 6-8 hens

Perthshire ++  - suitable for 12-15 hens, this coop features double nestboxes.

All models come complete with 2 perch rails and a fold-down pop-hole door which doubles as a ramp. The back panel is fully removable for easy cleaning. Matching runs can be made in a range of sizes on request - please ask for a quote.

Prices from: £188 for basic model without run.

​​​​​Our Hen Houses & Chicken Coops 

Coops with built-in runs

Coops with integral runs are ideal if you wish to keep your hens contained in one area. They provide a safe, enclosed space for your hens and  avoid the need for secure garden fencing, as well as protection for foxes and other predators. The integral runs come with an optional end-release gate so that hens can be free ranged when convenient, but enclosed in the run for added security when needed.

Swinford hen house for sale at Chickenfeathers

Tel: 01501 229735

 The Cambridge

A raised chicken house with integral run area that is fully roofed, giving the occupants a high level of weather protection but still provides plenty of light and air. The house section is fitted with a lift out panel for access and cleaning. Hinged run door, external rear nest box, closable pop hole with ramp and carry handles. For up to 10 chickens.

Price - £685

Large Walk-In Houses

Large walk-in units are a good choice if you want to keep a large number of hens. All the hens are housed in one place which saves on space, and all the eggs can be collected at once. Easier to clean out than having  several smaller coops to look after.

Bantam house and run available at Chickenfeathers
Chicken coops for sale at Chickenfeathers in Shotts, Scotland

Weeford Chicken House 

This compact, economical unit will accommodate up to 4 hens. Also suitable as a broody coop / Cockerel box. Hinged roof allows easy access to house. Drop down pop hole door with hook and eye to hold open. Removable perch rail.​

90 x 63 x 90 cm high     

Price: £194 (including optional nesting box)

Free standing chicken run available from Chickenfeathers in Shotts, Scotland

The Braemar

Part of our new economy range of raised coops, the Braemar is a spacious house which can accommodate up to 15 hens. With a removable felted roof and an access door at the front for easy cleaning,the Braemar is a good option if you  want to keep a larger number of hens. External nesting box with lift-up hinged lid, roosting bars and ramp to pop hole all supplied as standard.


Freestanding coops

Small freestanding coops make great starter coops and are ideal if you have a secure garden and want to free-range your hens. A free standing run can be added if you need to keep your hens enclosed at times.

Raised coops

​Freestanding raised coops are also designed for free-ranging your hens - the area under the house offers shade on hot days and rain protection in wet weather, and is a useful area to place  feeders to avoid feed getting wet.

Windsor Range

These houses are raised to allow poultry access to the area below. The underside of the house is enclosed down one side, offering additional protection from the prevailing weather.
External nesting box with lift up hinged lid, slide out floor, roosting bars and ramp to pop hole all supplied as standard.

Windsor Junior - for 6 hens - £445

Windsor Standard - for 12 hens - £556

Windsor Major - for 20 hens - £779

Free-standing Chicken Run

Constructed of pre-treated timber frame and 16 gauge weldmesh, our 180cm  X 90 cm runs can be used with any free standing house.

​Price: £130

Larger models also available

The Swinford 

Suitable for 4-5 hens, this house features an optional external nesting box and slide out floor and can be used with or without our free-standing chicken run.
Length 89cm Width 84cm Height 89cm​​

​Price: £190 (optional nesting box £52)

The Hereford Coop

A splendid portable house and run unit suitable for 6-8 hens, the Hereford features a weather-protected feed station at the far end of the run.

Price: £520

Optional external nesting box £56

Optional end release £22

​Optional full slatted floor for run £74

Brentford 460 and 660

Traditional Walk-in house for up to 24 birds - 460. For up to 35 birds - 660.                                                    Side pop hole, closable vent, roosting bars, optional external nest box. Can also be used for ducks, geese and turkeys.

Price:  Brentford 460 - £515.  Brentford 660 - £695

Optional nest box: Brentford 460 - £76.  Brentford 660 - £104

Weeford Chicken House for sale - small house or cockerel box

The Dartford

 The Dartford house, for  up to 50 birds. It has nest boxes on two sides giving 10 laying compartments. There are perching racks with dropping trays below; sited above each set of nesting box entries. The trays are removable and the perch racks hinge upwards to allow easy cleaning of the main floor. Two pop holes are fitted on different aspects.
Adjustable venting is provided on both sides. Perspex covers allow light to enter when closed. Supplied skid mounted with wheels offered as an option. 

​Price - £1179 - optional wheels £119

Grosvenor Range

The house section is raised to allow poultry access to the area below. The underside of the house gives a weather protected feed point. External nesting box, slide out floor and run end release fitted as standard.Carry handles are fitted to both ends to aid portability. Can be supplied with or without wheels.

Grosvenor Junior - for 6 hens - £625

Grosvenor Standard - for 12 hens - £779

Grosvenor Major - for 20 hens £985
Optional wheel set - £119

Portable Wheeled Coops

​Wheeled coops are larger units with integral runs which are designed to be easily moved by one person. Convenient for those who like to move their hens often to a fresh area of grass, wheeled coops offer flexibility and are great fun to use.

Stafford chicken coop and nesting box
Hintsford chicken coops or broody coop. Available from Chickenfeathers in Shotts.

The Buckingham

A Large walk-in house with buit-in run - the house section is raised to give an extended run area underneath, with an Onduline sheeted roof covering both house and run sections.
The external nest box fitted to the rear of the house has four compartments and a lift-up lid.
There are two slide-out floors/droppings trays, for easy clean-out, also accessed from the rear.
There are two pop holes with ramps for bird access. The vertically sliding covers can be operated from outside using the drawstrings provided.4 roosting bars are supplied.

Dimensions :
Overall size: 76" (193 cm) wide, 73" (185 cm) Deep, 73" (185 cm) High
House section: 76" (193 cm) Wide, 36" (90 cm) Deep, 42" (107 cm) High 

Price: £729

Stafford Range

A raised chicken house fitted with externally accessed nesting box.  A slide out floor is provided for easy cleaning. Supplied with 2 removable roosting bars and ramp to pop hole. The roof is hinged to allow access to the house. Permanent ventilation is provided.

Stafford Junior - for 4 chickens  - £249

Stafford Standard - for 8-10  chickens - £380

Stafford Major - for 20 chickens - £639

Highlander Range

The traditional ark shape for a chicken house has been a favourite for decades. A vertically sliding pop hole gives birds access to the run area via a ramp. Standard Ark - the house is raised allowing the birds to use the full footprint of the ark. The area under the house is weather protected on two aspects giving daytime shelter from wind and rain plus shade in the summer. Junior Ark house section is not raised.

Nest box included on both models

Highlander Junior - for 4 chickens - £365        - house section, not raised

Highlander Standard - for 6 chickens - £495   - house section raised

Superior Grosvenor hen house

Our chicken coops are made in the UK and solidly constructed, ideally suited to British weather conditions. Built of quality tongue-and-groove timber, they come in a range of sizes and designs and can be supplied pre-assembled or flat packed. Below are examples of different models.  The majority of our coops can be delivered anywhere throughout mainland UK. Card payments, cash or bank transfer accepted. Feel free to get in touch for further details.

The Lynford        

A compact small poultry house and run unit for use where it is necessary to contain and move stock around.Hinged roof allows easy access to house.Fitted handles for portability, and one piece removable run top.

Lynford  - for 3 chickens - £335

Optional external nest box - £48

Portable Wheeled Chicken coops for sale Scotland
Traditional walk-in poultry house available from Chickenfeathers
Large hen house suitable for up to 50 hens

The Westford Pen

This versatile unit based on traditional designs is suitable for housing poultry, ducks and geese. The house is suitable for up to 12 chickens and the front-opening design makes it easy to clean. There is a separate side pop-hole for the hens.

Price: £395

Optional nest box  - £76

chicken coop or hen house for sale
Windsor range of hen houses available at Chickenfeathers

Bantam House and Run

This compact house and run unit is designed with the bantam keeper in mind but is also popular for rabbits and guinea pigs.Hinged roof for easy access. Carry handles at both ends.
One piece lift off run top locks on in closed position.
Run top also slides away from house to access pophole or add feed/water.

Overall size 208 cm long (incl. handles) x 89 cm wide x 69 cm high

Price: £239

The Aylesford    

One of the most popular wheeled coops, the Aylesford has space for 4-5 hens  - more if you plan to free range them part of the time. Like the Lynford, there is a hinged roof for easy access, ftted handles for portability, and one piece removable run top.

Aylesford  - for 4-5 chickens - £399

Optional external nest box - £56

Hintsford Chicken Coop

Designed to be used as a broody coop/cockerel box, but having many more uses particularly where space is limited, the house is divided centrally to make two units each having access to separate runs. The division is removable to allow use as a single unit.Hinged roof allows easy access to house.Carry handles at both ends for portability. Supplied with a nest box.

Hintsford Standard - £405

Hintsford Major - £510

Optional end release - £22 or two end releases £44

The Dovedale

A very popular coop combining the benefits of a raised house with weather protection and a built in run for security. Carry handles at each end allow the coop to be easily lifted  by two people and  moved to different areas of the garden when required. Suitable for up to 4 hens, the model includes an external nesting box and slide out floor for easy cleaning and an end release gate as standard.
Length 198cm Width 92cm Height 114cm

​Price: £395

The Ranger

The Ranger midi (pictured) will house up to 50 birds. The roof is extended on one side to give a porch type cover to the nesting box. There is also generous draught free fixed ventilation tucked under the eaves. On the opposite side there is further adjustable ventilation with sliding Perspex covers allowing daylight into the house when closed off. The nest box has 8 compartments and is set at a height that makes for easy egg collection. There is staging in front of the nest boxes to allow bird’s easy access.
A perch rack provides adequate roosting space with 2 slide out droppings tray positioned below that is accessed via a hinged external flap. Two pop-hole entry/exits are provided sited on two different aspects.
The whole unit is skid mounted for moving.


The Ranger mini - for 20 hens - £789

The Ranger midi - for 50 hens - £1530